The Seven Most Difficult Questions (& The Seven Counters)

Date: June 2nd, 2016
Written by: Pastor Conrade

In the March/April 2002 issue of Moody Magazine, author Rusty Wright lists seven of the most difficult questions ever posted to Christianity.7ToughQuestions

  1. Why is there evil and suffering?
  2. What about all those contradictions in the Bible?
  3. What about those who had never heard of Jesus?
  4. How can Jesus be the only way to God?
  5. Isn’t Christianity a psychological crutch for wimps?
  6. How is it possible to take the blind leap of faith as required by Jesus?
  7. Why is sincerity not enough to be saved?

Many people allow one or more of these questions to drag them down the pool of doubt and disbelief. Admittedly, these questions are challenging in themselves. Many of us would try to address these questions albeit with our limited ability to respond. Some skeptics would use these questions as a launching pad to blast Christianity and no matter what answers we give, they would quickly throw another question just to prove that they are always correct. For such people, discussion would be curtailed significantly. Yet, there are those who are deeply authentic about these question. We should do our best to discuss these with them.

Along the way, have we thought about addressing the whole rather than merely the part? What about us giving the questioner some homework to do as well? These I call, the “Seven Counters.” 7Counters

  1. Why is there goodness and love?
  2. What about all those affirmations in the Bible?
  3. What about those who HAVE heard of Jesus?
  4. Why is Jesus offering Himself as the way to God and yet we refuse to accept Him?
  5. What’s wrong with depending on Jesus for help? Even psychologically?
  6. Is faith in Christ really blind? For that matter, isn’t disbelief in God also considered a “blind leap of faith?”
  7. One can be most sincere but isn’t it possible that one can also be sincerely wrong?

We must be careful not to let the naysayers play all the cards on the table. For every statement against Christianity, there is always a counter to offer a fuller perspective. If we were to allow just a sarcasm, a skepticism, or a statement to stand without any challenge, we are doing not only ourselves, but the questioner(s) a disfavor. If there is one thing that honest atheists and earnest unbelievers can respect, it would be Christians who dare to stand up for what they believe and to dare to engage in constructive discussion and if necessary, debate. Perhaps, as we deal with all 14 questions, we will have a bigger picture of life, for both people of faith and people who are skeptics.

Truth be told, we must always consider both sides of the story. For Christ has said:

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

Speak the truth always in love.