TITLE: The First of Many Meet-Ups
ABOUT: Sisters Fellowship (aka EMBRACE)
Written by: Gigi & Caroline
Date: July 10th, 2016

EncourageELEVEN girls, one dinner, endless chatter. I am thankful that we were finally able to gather everyone to meet up over dinner and discuss the direction of our fellowship. In this secular society where everyone may have a million and one commitments on their plate, I was glad in seeing everyone’s bright and happy faces.

Although it is difficult to talk about religion in a public place, being able to share our worries, our fears, our struggles – it may have made one feel vulnerable, but above all, endearing. To be able to understand where everyone’s journey in our Lord has been was important. We have within our group: girls whom had grew up within the Church, have found peace and faith with our Father, question his existence, believe Him to be the one – but only to an extent where other’s opinions and uncertainties are not questioned, nor are theirs. There were differing stances on the perspective of God, the Church, and also the concept of faith.

What we hope to achieve with this fellowship is truly a feeling of community. A support system. Where when we may feel weakest, we have someone, a loved one, a close one – someone special to turn to; for guidance, care, help, and even when we may least want it, discipline. We want to incorporate His Word into our daily life. His Word is our bread and the water of life.

This first meet-up we termed the discussion and brainstorming session. We wanted to stir everyone’s perspective into a pot – and the result was a consensus where we really believed that a community can be brought up from the ground if we are to let our wall’s down and really reach out. Our next meeting is to be on July 23rd at 7:30 pm at 3433 Coast Meridian Road (TCCC). We welcome all ladies to join us for a night of Praise & Worship, gathering, discussions, and most of all: comfort – in knowing you have many sisters whom are here for you, when you may need us most, or even for the occasionally silly night out.

Embrace; July 10, 2016